Official forum of the dark electro / cyberpunk band Binary Division. Also home to other artists and dark music in general.
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Band -- This one should be obvious. We're also the administrators here.
Surveillance Squad -- Those are the ones who take care of the forums. If you are familiar with forums, you may know them as Moderators.
Artists -- Here are the people who make music.
DJs -- Here reside all the DJs, who can download the discography and DJ promos.
Chat Mods -- These guys are the Surveillance Squad of the Chatbox.
VIPs -- Users with VIP status are here. They have access to the Backstage.
Outcasts -- Here reside all the banned users. They only have access to a certain forum to talk about matters to eventually get a second chance.
Recruits -- This is probably you if you're not in any of the above. Just a normal user who can take part in forum discussions.

If you are either an Artist or a DJ, send me a private message. Don't ask for Surveillance Squad or Chat Mod status; I'll get in touch myself.

For more info about VIP, read up here.
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